MMS 4130 Chromoly Can-Am X3 Front Bumper

MMS 4130 Chromoly Can-Am X3 Front Bumper

This Morgan Motorsports (MMS) custom combines a  one-of-a-kind high quality bumper piece to protect your X3 front bumper without compromising your suspension. A flat skidplate surface beneath the front differential not only protects the differential mounting bolts, but also creates a very convenient way to jack up the front end of the vehicle.


You won't find this bumper elsewhere on the market, as it completely separates impact load from suspension pivots. If the bumper takes a hit, your suspension is not impacted. 


Product Details:

-100% 4130 Chromemoly construction, 3/16" aluminum skidplate

-All MMS pieces are TIG welded to the highest standards